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Here It All Begins!

The JBL will offer top-notch youth basketball, with approximately 450 teams from numerous, diverse towns.

It is the JBL's goal to be the best youth travel sports league available to young athletes.  Our focus is to provide the best possible experience to the players, coaches, and parents.

The JBL will offer the premier competitive, fun, and player-focused experience for male and female athletes in grades 4-8 in the state of New Jersey.  We are committed to a Great Experience for all!

Why Join the JBL?
We are committed to addressing your concerns, listening to your feedback, and working hard to respond and correct key issues.
Those issues include, but are not limited to, division misalignment, excessive travel, and lack of carded/qualified officials.

  • Town Travel Teams Only (No AAU Teams)
  • Progressive Levels of Competition
  • Superior Administration
  • 14 Game Regular Season Schedule plus Playoffs
  • Experienced, Carded, & Vetted - Certified Officials
  • Finals Weekend Championship Event

The JBL will have Gold, Silver & Bronze divisions for Boys; Gold & Silver for Girls.  The Silver & Bronze Divisions will be split into two conferences as stated above (East and a West to limit travel).
The East & West will merge in the playoffs for the division championship.

Division Alignment:
The JBL will have 39 divisions. East/West conferences within a given skill set, for the sub A division teams, limiting excessive travel for less skill/dedicated teams.
‘A’ division teams will have an open geography as they seek the best competition.

The JBL has created a system in which games will be assigned by area, managed by a team of seasoned assignors that are experienced and well liked. The JBL will only employ carded, registered basketball officials.

In addition to this great team of assignors, another JBL feature will be that your coaches will have the ability to rate the officials after each game.

Playoff Format:
Top 16 teams in each division make the playoffs. Competition is fined tuned from the start, maintaining a fair competitive balance.

Scheduling & Assigning Systems: 
The JBL will use Zebra Web, the system the NJSIAA and numerous youth sports leagues employ.  It is tried and true. They have local support and training videos.

Game alerts will be given, and the system is cell-phone compatible. The officials will input scores, not the coach of the winning team.

At-Large games are available, giving teams the ability to customize the amount of games played, to their needs.

$250 per team entry fee and $70 per game per team for officials (including playoffs)

To register, simply send us an email at JBL-Hoops@comcast.net with your town/organizations commitment to join, the number of teams entering, and their grade/skill level by October 15.

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