Spectator Code

JBL Spectator Code Of Conduct

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The Jersey Basketball League (JBL) is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for athletic competition.  Accordingly, spectators must behave in a respectful, courteous, and sportsmanlike manner at all times.

Any spectator who is flagrantly rude, attempts to intimidate, verbally abuses, heckles, taunts, ridicules, boos, throws objects, and/or uses vulgarity or profane language or gestures toward any official, coach, participant, or other attendee at a JBL game shall be removed at the request of the officials, site manager, or coach of respective team. 

Spectators should have no cause to address players, coaches, or officials during the course of a game. This includes criticism of participants, coaches, or officials on any judgments that they make.

We are all for positive cheering and we love a passionate crowd, but there is no reason to try and intimidate the opponent or shout inappropriate remarks.
No spectator should be yelling and screaming at youth basketball teams shooting foul shots. This is not HS, College, or the pros. We should applaud these young players for making these shots.

Student Sections If there is a student section at a game, a site supervisor needs to sit with them and make sure they act appropriately. The site supervisor needs to introduce themselves to the officials and the opposing coach.
If no Site supervisor is available, then the students need to sit with their parents, or they will be asked to leave the gym.
Any Coach/Player/Spectator Ejections will result in the following penalties:

1st Offense – If any individual player, coach, timekeeper, scorer, or spectator is ejected from a game, that person will not be allowed to attend or participate in the next 2 games.

2nd Offense – That person(s) will be suspended for the next 5 games.

3rd Offense – Results in that person(s) suspension from the League indefinitely.

Each Spectator Code of Conduct Violation will count 2 pts to the Team total.

Any spectator who physically or verbally assaults or threatens bodily harm to an official, coach, or spectator may be banned from any and all future JBL events for a period of time to be determined by the JBL.  If this person is a parent of a player in the JBL, that individual’s children may also be removed from participation in the JBL during the period in which the parent is banned.

The JBL reserves the right to suspend any individuals from the program or its events in order to ensure the safety of its members and uphold its mission.



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